Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Purge

This project came to mind, and then this new blog sprung from that idea.  It's a pretty simple idea, and I think blogging might help me keep the ball rolling. 

During a fleeting moment of very late winter sunshine, I was inspired to do a hardcore purge of my clothes.  I have been working on decluttering the whole house for several years, but getting past the panicky feelings that I may never have extra cash again, or I might need these slightly too small pants, or I could make something fabulous out of this holey flannel shirt... it is an ongoing process.  Each time I do a purge, it gets easier to give things up.  I've read all the books.  It's All Too Much, Apartment Therapy, The Messies Manual, tons of organizing books.  My house is still cluttered all the time.  I guess I'm finally at the point where I can walk the talk, at least in the clothes department.  I decided to get rid of absolutely everything I don't love or need.  Every single thing.  In another week or so, I'll probably take a second look and get rid of more.  My aim is not to have a closet that looks like it's out of Real Simple magazine.  I just want everything I have to be worth having. 

From here on out, I will sew everything that I feel is missing from my wardrobe.  Hopefully I will customize some patterns, alter some of my existing clothes, and make the things that have been bouncing around in my mind waiting to be born.  And I'll blog about it.  What lucky readers you are!  Wow, this seemed so much more exciting before I actually started writing about it.  Now it seems really boring.  But that is okay.  It can be just for me!  I figure this will increase my sewing skills, give me a reason to write (maybe not the most beneficial kind of writing, but it's something), share, and work on my self discipline as I try to keep this thing moving forward on a weekly basis.

Here's my heap of clothes waiting to be donated.

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  1. Great idea, I can't wait to see what you come up with!