Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Tide is Turning

Something strange is happening. I actually need this blog! Maybe I'll even put some time into personalizing it instead of just using junk I found in the templates section. I created it with the hopes of it being a creativity log. But then I just blabbed and yammered like I always do. I also forgot about it for months at a time. However, in the four months since I last wrote, I've really done a lot! I have made about 8 pairs of underwear for myself. I made another comfortable jumpsuit for Naia. I'll be finished with a wool jacket as soon as I find the perfect buttons. Gotta love my timing. Just perfect for spring! *sigh* I made a cowl neck, 3/4 sleeve dress out of knit fabric. I whipped it out in one night and wore it to a karaoke party. That might be all for my sewing projects. I haven't taken pictures of them yet, except for selfies to show off my undies. Oh, what the heck. I'll throw some skin on the interwebz.

Ok, that's a little embarrassing. Cute though, right? I love sewing lace onto stuff. Ridiculously satisfying.

I took apart a pair of enameled thrifted earrings and remade them and now I wear them quite often.

I found a vintage sewing machine that is adorable and amazing and was cheap and came with so many fun feet and cams to tinker with. I bought it from an art student who was very cute and told me all about the machine's exciting past life. I figured out how to take it apart, oil it, clean it, and used the big old fashioned buttonholer. This makes my heart race, you have no idea. I love its old nasty engine smell. I'm sewing the wool jacket entirely on this baby. The buttonholes make me nervous.

I can't decide if her name is Kendrick or Maude.

I've also been painting again. I'm working on 2 mixed media pieces that are slowly coming along. One is pretty large. About 2'x5'.

These pictures are dark and terrible, but I'm posting them anyway. Will not let details halt me!
Here's the other one. It's been a long road with this thing, but it's starting to take shape.

I go back and forth between between loving and hating them both, but I'm nearing the finish and the love is overshadowing the hate. I can see where both of them are taking me. I fear losing my focus before I get a chance to get back to them, but that energy is what keeps me going. It's all about the process of making them. I don't expect anyone to think they are beautiful. They are a conversation within my own head, taking place in the paint. I get completely consumed, so I am hesitant to begin them unless I have a couple of uninterrupted hours. Of course, I don't get that opportunity often enough.

A couple weeks ago I started another online class. It's about using the planes of the face to paint portraits using watercolors, acrylic washes, and gesso.  Other than the occasional dabble with my kids, I haven't painted with watercolors since high school. I never liked it all that much. It seemed so fussy. Silly me. I am loving them now! And it's all the haphazard bleeding and fuzzing that is the best part.

Here is my first watercolor in a million years.

Here is my second. She isn't done yet. However, I am attempting to be more prolific and not try so hard to perfect each piece. I'll share at least a few more of these portraits, as I haven't tried the acrylic wash techniques yet.


  1. Ugh your art just makes me weep with its amazingness. I love love love it so much. Thank you for sharing it, even if "imperfect".

  2. Don't let the details halt you! I love them both! I am curious to see your knit cowl dress b/c I could really use something like that and I have *some* sewing skills....Sounds like you are having a creativity and productivity burst-i-ola! XO

  3. I love how you're not afraid of color. I LOVE color! And I think your art is lovely...layered and like an exploration.