Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fancy Pants

My creative life is still mostly been taken hostage by violin practice.  However, I managed to make a tiny dent in the UFO pile.  About a year ago I scored a nice pair of wide legged black pants for $5 from the Target clearance section.  I think they were that cheap because they were made for giraffes.  Or spaghetti noodles.  I had to figure out the blind hem stitch to do it correctly, because these are kind of fancy pants.  A top stitched hem would look awful.  Once I got the folding all situated, I was finished in about 7 minutes.  So professional!  Now I have really nice pants that cost me $5 and 7 minutes!  Plus a year of procrastination.  I also put a fancy patch on some really old, but still awesome jeans that had a hole in the knee.  I tried to keep wearing them and just go with it, but people kept asking me what happened to my jeans.  Jeeze Louise, people!  It wasn't all that long ago that holes were cool.   The patch is a bit of heavily embroidered fabric that I found in a bag of trims and notions at a thrift store.  It's been in my stash for a long time.  My stash is epic, and I love it when I've been holding onto something waiting for the right purpose, and then it finds its place.  Very satisfying.  And now I will go attempt to play my fiddle.  One of these days it will actually sound nice.  Maybe.  Photos and another video soon to come.


  1. So the blind hem stitch wasn't so hard, huh? Being a shorty, I should be blind stitching most of my hems when I get new pants but for some reason I thought it would be difficult and have been procrastinating.

    Looking forward to photos! I need to get a picture of my muslin of my dress I actually finished a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Blind hem is so easy! As long as your machine has the stitch and you have the foot. Sorry, I must have missed the notification for your comment. I took the worst pictures of it so, I'll have to try again. I'd love to see your dress! I think I'm signing up for a summer sew along. Trying to post a badge thing for it right now.