Friday, April 29, 2011

Thanks, Babe.

Last night, the husband noticed I've been dressing differently.  In a good way.  Ever since I tossed all my fugly clothes, I only wear stuff that makes me feel good.  Because why pass up an opportunity to feel good?  Don't think too hard on that one.  Anyway, this is something easy and I have to get dressed anyway.  Might as well choose the good stuff.  It's kind of amazing how much of a little boost it gives me to not look like I'd rather be in bed.  I feel ready.  It's good.  Have I mentioned, good? 

I'd say that my little project has accomplished something already.

Now, if I could just put my violin down long enough to sew again.  The violin stuff I have to work on this week is kind of tedious and boring, so maybe it will happen.  (okay, it's been a couple days since I wrote this, and nope.  I'm still practicing just as much.)  But it's also really hard and cool, so I should put the time in.  I absolutely love feeling pulled in these different directions.  And miraculously, my kids are still learning and we are still fed and clothed and the house isn't utter squalor.  Even more miraculously, (not now, but for the last couple weeks) I cleaned ALL THE THINGS and kept it up!  I think because my attitude is in a much more positive place.  I'm not resenting the things I need to do.

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  1. This sounds so awesome! Maybe as soon as Millie is done with this two year teething, I can get it together. I've been focusing inwardly the last two years, since I realized taking care of everyone starts with taking care of myself. I do get dressed in something I like every day, and exercise regularly, and have been working on the little regular home maintenance habits. As long as nobody is teething or sick I can keep up with it in the absence of facebook! Looking forward to when my girls are your girls' ages and I'll be able to add more ME to our days.